About us

Oslo Seafood & Cargo Center AS

Oslo Seafood & Cargo Center AS (OSCC) is a Ground Handling Company located in a new terminal facility at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. The company’s objective is to serve and support all airlines calling to Oslo Airport.

The Cargo terminal is located directly on airside which means that OSCC has the advantage of being in the direct vicinity of the Freighter parking location. At the same time we do have our Cargo delivery area located at “landside”, which means that all transport companies and other customers can deliver or collect their freight directly at our terminal. It will not be necessary to undergo security controls, as cargo and staff are being screened inside our terminal facility.

The terminal comprises some 6 000m2 floor space, divided in 2 different sections, where 3 000m2 is reserved for handling of perishables and 3 000m2 is reserved for the handling of general cargo. Our temperature-controlled warehouse holds constant temperature of 2 degrees. All securely 24/7 monitored. In addition we have 5 dedicated temp.-controlled rooms, where we are able to adjust the temperature to the customers upon demand. OSCC has in the gen. cargo warehouse the following dedicated shipment rooms: VAL vault, Temp. controlled HUM room, 2 AVI rooms. There is also a dedicated area for handling DGR shipments (all classes). We have several Cargo Build up pits with incorporated weight scales. Our OPS Office handles all Shipment registration processes in compliance with IATA regulations. OSCC have invested in a new cargo handling software system “Galaxy”.

OSCC also performs the Ramp handling for full-freighter aircraft and has all the required equipment and experience to handle any type of freighter aircraft. Currently we Ramp handle: CAL Cargo Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Air Cargo Global, OSCC currently handles Air Cargo for the following major Airlines: Thai Airways, Norwegian, Turkish Airlines, IAG Group (BA), Singapore Airlines, TUI

Our staff is focused on serving their customers in most optimal and pro-active way, securing that all shipments are handled in compliance with all IATA regulations


Expect Excellence!

Roy Egil Skredderberget
Chief Executive Officer

Oslo Seafood & Cargo Center AS